The Dc Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics Promo Offer

The Dc Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics Promo Offer
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Title : The Dc Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics
ASIN : 0823010287
Description : America’s leading comic book publisher brings its superstar creators and classic characters to the second in an authoritative series of books on how to create comics. The art of Klaus Janson has endured in the ever-changing comic book industry for over 30 years. Now this talented artist brings that experience to the most critical step of effective comic book storytelling: pencilling.

Covering everything from anatomy to composition to page design, Janson details the methods for creating effective visual communication. Step by step, he analyzes and demonstrates surefire strategies for comic book pencilling that are informative and exciting. Using DC’s world-famous characters, he illustrates the importance of knowing the fundamentals of art and how best to use them.

The DC Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics is packed with a wealth of tested techniques, practical advice, and professional secrets for the aspiring artist. It is a valuable resource for comic book, graphic novel, and storyboard artists everywhere.

The Dc Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics
List Price : $22.95
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Saved Price : $7.34

Category: Pencil
Brand: Watson-Guptill
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Rating : 3.6
Rating : 21
Review : Great concepts, though not a "how-to" book
This book is really split into two major parts: figure drawing and storytelling. The former is treated very lightly and only hits the high points of anatomy, but there are some tremendous illustrations within. Buy Elliot Goldfinger’s "Human Anatomy for Artists" if this is what you’re looking for.

The storytelling section is the real core of this book, however. Janson really doesn’t present particularly new or revolutionary ideas (for that see Will Eisner’s Comics & Sequential Art), but he does clearly explain the concepts of composition, balance, contrast and reader eye movement. Honestly, I felt like there was so much more that could have been said on each of these and the dozen other topics within. Clearly Janson knows what he is talking about as each subject is supported by actual DC comic book examples (covering a lot of genres over the last 30 years, so this is not just aimed at current comic book styles).

There is a third section called…

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