Manhwa Mania How to Draw Korean Comics (Manga Mania) photo 01

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Manhwa Mania How to Draw Korean Comics (Manga Mania) photo 01
Manhwa—Korean for comics—is fast becoming the next big craze in Asian comics. Many fans of manga don’t realize that their favorite comics, like Priest, Ragnarock, and Island, are actually manhwa, not Japanese manga. This tutorial helps artists master the differences between manga and manhwa, including less focus on big eyes and more on expressions and personality, replacing spiky hair with a more natural look, and drawing characters that don’t typically possess magical powers but are instead fierce fighters made of flesh and blood. Artists learn through a step-by-step process how to draw the entire range of manhwa characters-from the extreme fighting-machine heroes and giant beasts to the sexy women, anti-heroes, and evil warlords.

For aspiring comic book artists and manga artists looking for the latest craze in Asian comics Author’s Manga Mania series has sold more than 350,000 copies in less than three years Manhwa is the Korean name for comics Includes artwork from the very best Korean manhwa artists working today

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