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Title : How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books
ASIN : 1887591958
Description : Among the few comics artists to be featured on a US Postage Stamp, Rich Buckler is one of the best-known comic-book artists: He’s drawn groundbreaking runs on Fantastic Four, Avengers, Spectacular Spider-Man, X-Men, Teen Titans, and more. Even Stan Lee says, “From the time he drew his first assignments for Marvel Comics, I’ve been one of his biggest fans. There are few people better qualified to write a book on the subject than Rich Buckler!”

How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books
List Price : $19.95
Price : $19.95

Category: Superheroes
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 3.8
Rating : 4
Review : narrative technique
I thought this was a very useful manual. There is only ~7 pages devoted to drawing, and the rest is focused on graphic storytelling with a lot information and insights that I have not seen in other related books. He discusses how to use the camera to create dramatic flow, how and why to crop a panel, how to break down a script into pages and panels, plus other stuff.

In regards to the art work, there is a lot of visual information to illustrate his points. They also show the various stages of the process that goes into a finished copy.

I also liked how he showed how to create pages focused on action as well as pages focused on character.

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