How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books HC Discount !!

How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books HC Discount !!
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Title : How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books HC
ASIN : 1934331074
Description : Among the few comics artists to be featured on a US Postage Stamp, Rich Buckler is one of the best-known comic-book artists: He’s drawn groundbreaking runs on Fantastic Four, Avengers, Spectacular Spider-Man, X-Men, Teen Titans, and more. Even Stan Lee says, “From the time he drew his first assignments for Marvel Comics, I’ve been one of his biggest fans. There are few people better qualified to write a book on the subject than Rich Buckler!” Now, after more than thirty-five years in comic books, Buckler reveals the secrets of drawing the heroic figure, the language of storytelling, narrative technique, building a better page, and much more, in focused chapters that build the reader’s skills step by step. How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books is the authoritative guide to creating compelling comic books, packed with advice from a master.

How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books HC
List Price : $34.95
Price : $25.55
Saved Price : $9.40

Category: Superheroes
Brand: Vanguard
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Rating : 5.0
Rating : 1
Review : One of the best technical books on visual story telling.
I’ve read and studied many books on this subject. It is hard to find good technical information on it. Some of the best books do have some extensive information but take some effort to understand their deeper meaning. This book is advanced and one of the best books I’ve picked up. If you are looking for a useless and childish book assuming there is one distinct way to draw a story with plenty of pretty pictures in bright colors and men in tights this is not it. The author is not some hack who’s drawn a few low quality comics and is looking for an extra paycheck. Rich Buckler is the real deal with decades of experience and know how. Make room on your shelf next to Will Eisner’s books. This book is excellent.

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