Comic Book Pencilling with Stephen Platt Discount !!

Comic Book Pencilling with Stephen Platt Discount !!
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Title : Comic Book Pencilling with Stephen Platt
Description : In this DVD, Stephen Platt covers how to create a fully penciled page from beginning to end. He begins with exploration in the thumbnail stage and enlarges the chosen rough thumbnail using a photocopier and lightbox. During the course of the demo, Stephen shows how he indicates change in form, graduated shadows, texture and mass, all while maintaining a dramatic graphic expression. In addition, he discusses industry conventions as well as advice on portfolios and earning a living in professional comics.

Comic Book Pencilling with Stephen Platt
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Category: TV
Brand: Gnomon Workshop
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Rating : 5.0
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Review : Valuable Info!!!
Stephen Platt is a personal favorite of mine the level of detail in his art is amazing! This DVD can teach anyone the most powerful tool in any comic artist utility belt, the thumbnail sketch. He also talks about other very important key points like drama and emotion. A truly great lesson. I have watched it at least 15 times! AWESOME!!!

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